Apparently, this isn’t new

25 Nov

Only a matter of hours after yesterday’s piece hit the Twittersphere, I got sent a link to the ‘notopeoplesmuggling‘ (points for sheer originality) YouTube profile page. And, as it turns out, the commercials in desperate need of casting are not the first of their kind.

On the profile page, you can find several short videos (in various languages) commissioned by the government to scare the living shit out of asylum seekers in ‘staging’ countries like Indonesia & Malaysia so they don’t exercise their perfectly legal right to seek political/humanitarian asylum & the protection of the Australian government. Indonesia is just a picnic for refugees, by the way.

I can see no compelling reason to expect that the newly commissioned commercials will be any different than the following, but they’re really going to have to work at it if they want to be more disgusting.

‘The Smuggler’ – the motto seems to be here, if you even think you know somebody desperately running for their life, don’t you dare attempt to help them in anyway or you’re a people smuggler! Complete with cheeseball play-cop soundtrack.

‘Left Behind’ – the most abhorrent piece of government propaganda i’ve seen in quite a while. Nobody wants to admit Siev X even happened on say it’s anniversary, but hey, Labor’s not short of exploiting the fuck out of a tragedy caused by exactly this kind of insane fear-mongering. And all whilst not mentioning that it wasn’t the ‘people smugglers’ who left 353 fellow human beings to drown.

You can visit the production company responsible for creating the next lot of thoroughly vile government propaganda at their website, maybe suggest whilst you’re there that with the plethora of stupid consumer objects to hock to gullible idiots, they wouldn’t miss the work if they did the right thing and just told Borders & Customs to go jump.

I have very little faith in the possibility of them giving a shit however, so maybe we’d be better off forwarding on this piece of eternal wisdom from the late, great William Melvin Hicks:


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